Handheld Explosive Detector

Prof. Anil Kumar

Beaglez has been developed at IIT Bombay in collaboration with Bigtec Labs. Beaglez achieves canine levels of sensitivity, and can detect TNT, RDX, PETN, SEMTEX & other plastic explosives used in home-made, military explosives & IED’s. Beaglez can be used for screening people, buildings, terrorist hotspots, and post-blast search. With the increasing threat of terrorism, Beaglez will enable enhanced surveillance and help enforce counter-terrorism initiatives.



• Handheld Device & Light-weight

• Real-time detection

• Trace Vapour detection

• No-Radioactive source

• Low warm-up time ~30 sec

• Minimal False positive rate

• Easy to use with minimal training

• Detection Technology AFP (Amplifying Fluorescent Polymer)

• Software Proprietary Embedded software

• Running on a microcontroller

• Communication RS-232 Serial Interface

• Power 7.5 V, 2200mAh (Li-ion battery pack),

• 12V DC adaptor

• Usage per Charge ~4-6 hrs.

• Dimensions ~300 mm x120 mm x150mm

• Weight ~ 1 Kg

• Indicator Warning Light with audio alarm

• Indicates Explosive detection


• People Screening

• Checkpoints

• Post-blast search

• Vehicle Screening

• Building Screening