Video Analytics for Surveillance: Research Outcomes and Software Innovations at NCETIS

By Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan


Cameras have emerged as a very effective and important aspect of security and monitoring. In this talk, we present software solutions for analysing surveillance videos, providing summarization and helping raise real time actionable alerts. The solutions also facilitate smart video indexing and search. The solution turns a camera into a tool allowing prevention and detection of events in a proactive manner. This AI-based indigenous solution is backed by extensive research on algorithms for domain specific efficient summarization, query driven summarization, algorithms for generalization-based data subset selection for efficient and robust learning, efficient detection of human-object interaction by learning Interactions with graph and hierarchical temporal networks, real-time anomaly detection, crowd counting, etc. The presentation will very briefly feature a new upcoming feature of the product on ‘motion amplification of tiny objects having homogeneous background’.

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Dr. Ganesh Ramakrishnan ( is currently serving as a Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay. His areas of research include Human Assisted Machine Learning, symbolic representation in machine learning and computational linguistics in Indian languages. In the past, he has received awards such as IBM Faculty Award, and awards from Qualcomm, Microsoft, Adobe Research as well as IIT Bombay Impactful Research Award. He also held the J.R. Isaac Chair at IIT Bombay. Dr. Ganesh is very passionate about boosting the AI research eco-system for India and toward that, the research by him and his students as well as collaborators has resulted in several start-ups, two of which he has (jointly) founded and the rest he has been mentoring. He has advised 15 PhD students and contributed to more than 15 projects, including several with impact in the Indian context. He has over 90 publications in refereed conferences and journals. Dr. Ganesh has worked extensively in the area of human interaction in machine learning (project INTERFACING), feature induction and relational learning in machine learning, with applications in OCR, Video Analytics, Question Answering, Information Extraction and Machine Translation.

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