Tech in Security

By Mr. Gurjit Singh, Managing Director, Gill Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

The 16th Webinar of NCETIS was held on 28th January 2022. Mr. Gurjit Singh, Managing Director, Gill Instruments Pvt Ltd.gave a talk on “Tech in Security”. The event was held on the Webex virtual platform. A brief abstract and a short Biography of Mr. Singh is given below:


Technology for security can be applied using threefold agenda Sense > Connect > Manage.

In today’s world, we can sense anything and everything with technology! even we sense non-sense! Once we are successful in sensing the crime/culprit along with the location before it takes place. The next step is to connect the right dots at the right time so that all the concerned teams can sync with each other for quick reaction. The third agenda is going to be Emergency Management.

With the advent of the internet and smart technologies, the possibilities and applications for internal security management are limited by only our imagination. If our mind can conceive it our heart can believe we can achieve it.

Crime Sense Camera (Thermal camera with Intelligence on the edge)

Long-range Drone (Payload delivery and video surveillance)

S-APP (intelligent Security App) Big data crawling


Mr. Gurjit Singh is a Founder Director and Design Head of Gill Instruments Pvt Ltd. Gill Instruments is a third-party Company of Texas Instruments. Gill Instruments provides design solutions in Embedded Systems and Manufacture Development tools for MSP430 family.

In recent years, he has served extensively as a consultant to the industry, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Recently has launched cloud Gateway for Internet of Things for factory Automation and Building Monitoring systems. His area of expertise is in wireless sensor Networks and smart Instrumentation.

He has been working closely with Texas Instruments for university programs since 2003. He has taken the initiative to set up embedded system labs across the country in various universities and Engineering colleges. He contributed some of the best development tools available today for embedded system designs. He regularly conducts Embedded System design and IoT workshops, where he has trained more than five thousand engineers in the past 10 years.