Explosive Detection Systems for Law Enforcement Agencies

By Prof. Anil Kumar


With increasing threat to social peace from the anti-social elements, screening and detection of explosives become a major challenge. At present, Canines are the best solution but suffer from various issues such as shorter working life, difficulty in training and maintenance, inability to function in different environments, and without the handler. There are many portable explosive detectors available in market based on various detection principles. However, there is none that is designed and developed in India. Therefore, there is an urgent need to indigenously develop an electronic nose capable of replacing canines as well as to help India become “Self-Reliant” in this important domain. In this direction, IIT Bombay and BigtecLabs Bangalore have developed an e-nose called BEAGLEZ to detect various types of the military as well as commercial explosives. It is based on amplified fluorescent polymers. In this presentation, I will present the pros and cons of various detection technology along with the details of our own product; Beaglez.


Anil Kumar is currently a Chair Professor, in the Department of Chemistry at IIT Bombay. He also serves as Vice-President of Flow Society of India, Secretary Polymer Society of India, Treasures Polymer Processing Academy. His research interests are in the area of Process Intensification, continuous crystallization, optoelectronic devices and materials, flavors and fragrance, and continuous crystallization. He has developed a state-of-the-art continuous flow process lab and also conducts regular training programs and workshops in Continuous Flow Process to train the next generation of human resources in this important emerging technology. Based on the processes, he started a company “Sycon Polymers India Pvt. Ltd.” (http://sycon.in/Home) and another start-up is in pipeline. His group also has developed many technologies including handheld explosive sensors and continuous flow processes. For his contribution in this field, he has been awarded with the 2017 NASI-RIL Platinum Jubilee National Award for application-oriented innovations. Apart from research, his other hobbies are teaching, sports, technical financial analysis, magic, and music. He has developed an outreach program based on “Science & Magic” to promote teaching and practice of science among students and research scholars of different grades and has been conducting such workshops around the country.

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