Artificial Intelligence in Forensics: Issues and Challenges

By Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Head, Department of Forensic Science, Government Institute of Forensic Science, Aurangabad


Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have touched every aspect of our lives. Forensics, which helps in the scientific detection of crime, is also not untouched by these advancements.

There are many areas of forensics, viz., digital forensics, multimedia forensics, speaker identification, etc. which are using AI frequently. In contrast, there are many other areas including document examination, forensic psychology, etc. where experts are still reluctant to use them.

In the Webinar titled ‘Artificial Intelligence in Forensics: Issues and Challenges’, Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Head of the Department of Forensic Science, Government Institute of Forensic Science, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, will talk about the recent trends of Artificial Intelligence in forensics. Dr. Rajesh Kumar’s area of research includes Computational Forensics, Multimedia Forensics, Image Processing, and Pattern Recognition. He has been working in the field of automated forensic examination for more than fifteen years.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar has completed his M.Sc. and Ph. D. in Forensic Science. Before joining the academics, he worked in various Forensic Science Laboratories in the country including Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL), Hyderabad, and Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), Delhi for more than eight years and examined more than 300 cases.

For his contribution to the forensic community, Dr. Kumar received the prestigious Young Scientist Award from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

Apart from discussing the recent trends of AI in forensics, he will also be speaking about the related challenge concerning examination as well as legalities.

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