Artificial Intelligence & Law: Reflections and Implications

By Advocate Ajinkya Kurdukar

Biography & Abstract:

Mr. Ajinkya Kurdukar has been functional in the legal domain since 2011 and is working extensively in both Litigation and Non-Litigation domains in Mumbai. He is a visiting faculty at the University of Mumbai since 2016, sharing his experiences and academic insights in Arbitration, Corporate and Insolvency Laws.

In the webinar titled “Artificial Intelligence & Law: Reflections and Implications”, Mr. Ajinkya Kurdukar will give a quick introduction about Artificial Intelligence, discuss cases and the application of Artificial Intelligence in administration, investigation and enforcement while dealing with such cases. Mr. Kurdukar has been a TEDx- Unplugged speaker and was recently awarded ‘Youth Inspiration of the Year 2019’ award for excellence in legal services.

Apart from discussing the recent cases, Mr. Ajinkya Kurdukar will also talk about the liability of Artificial Intelligence and cases where AI is involved and its judicial aspects.

Video Recording and Presentation: