Approaches to Social Media: Risk Mitigation for Security Management

By Ms. Rema Rajeshwari, IPS, District Police Chief, Nalgonda, Telangana State.


Increased use of social tools like Facebook, Twitter etc. has made social media security more important than ever. While the benefits of social media are many, there are risks to be wary of. With falsified news blatantly being circulated across social media platforms, false information can distort people’s beliefs, emotions and value system, especially when it’s repeated over and over again, leading to mass public disturbance and panic. The need for efficient and stringent regulations and ensuring proper management of social media threats is more critical than ever.

In this webinar titled “Approaches to Social Media: Risk Mitigation for Security Management”, Ms. Rema Rajeshwari, IPS, the first female Police Service Officer from Munnar, Kerala State and topper of the Indian Police Service class of 2009, will speak on the increasing risks associated with Social Media and how these perceived dangers can be effectively mitigated.

Having a distinguished career of integrity and passion, Ms. Rema Rajeshwari, IPS shall also shed light on the perils of spreading misinformation and ways to prevent and manage incidents.

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