Rover for you: Choosing Appropriate Rover Specifications

By Prof. Anirban Guha


While examining remotely operated vehicles (Rovers), security agencies usually face a bewildering array of choices. The commercial Rovers come in a large number of weight categories and with myriad capabilities. This tempts one to seek the best of all the options. The result is often a set of specifications which are either impossible to achieve or degrade some unexpected capability of the Rover. This webinar attempts to guide the participant to choose an appropriate set of specifications for a Rover which will suit the requirements of the agency in the most common operating conditions.


Dr. Anirban Guha completed his Ph.D. from IIT Delhi and has been a faculty of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay from 2005. His Ph.D. was on application of Artificial Neural Networks for modelling industrial processes. Thereafter, he has studied the efficacy of other machine learning algorithms in different practical scenarios. His wide-ranging research interests also include machine design (with focus on kinematics), robotics, design optimization and simulation of structures subjected to high strain rates. He has been involved in the development of remotely operated vehicles for Indian security forces and various mechanical devices – particularly safety devices – for the industry.

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