Cyberwar and Attack Techniques

By Mr. Suyash Jadhav and Mr. Rugved Jakka, Algosmic Cyber Security


The 21st century represents the power of data and digitization. With tools like data analytics, Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning and the internet, the world has become increasingly vulnerable to intense cyber threats. Financial and reputational loss due to cyber compromise have also risen exponentially.

We are in a world where cyber war is a reality and every country has been hit with cyber-attacks of varying degree from time to time, with critical public infrastructure and businesses becoming a major target.

In this Webinar titled “Cyberwar and Attack Techniques”, Mr. Rugved Jakka and Mr. Suyash Jadhav, Cybersecurity solution experts from Algosmic Cybersecurity will be taking a look at recent cyberwar related tools and techniques used by attackers. Mr. Jakka and Mr. Jadhav have extensive experience in the domain of cybersecurity.

Mr. Rugved Jakka has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas, and Mr. Suyash Jadhav has a Master’s degree in cybersecurity from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Mr. Rugved has been working to increase the awareness and curiosity for cyber security among the nation’s youth population and has also actively participated in several mentorship programs for cyber security enthusiasts. Mr. Suyash has published several research papers in the malware analysis domain and is actively involved in research on malware tools and techniques.

Apart from discussing cyber war tools and techniques, they will also be discussing examples where sophisticated attacks were used to target critical infrastructure, attack techniques seen in the wild and most importantly, what we could do to protect our infrastructure.

This presentation outlines the work done under the Broadband Critical Communication System project at NCETIS, IIT Bombay in understanding and implementing parts of the PS-LTE standard to build a prototype showcasing the Push-to-Talk communication on an Android Smartphone as the end-user device.

Video Recording and Presentation: